Hello there!

Here is a fast breakdown of everything we will cover below, from the first "hello" to your art delivered-

- A list of the basic information I need to begin your order.

- Ways you can send your payment to me securely.

- Example of how I bill, how long my wait list is, and how I go about collecting payments.

- How to take photos of your pet for the best painting outcome

-Shipping your art and what to expect.

-My booking schedule and patence for custom works of art.

-Framing your art before shipment.


1. Here are the four things you need to let me know when placing your order-


1. What size would you like?

       Need to look again at sizes? Click here!

2. Flat Canvas or Gallery-wrapped Canvas? 

       Flat canvas examples, click here!

       Gallery-wrapped canvas, click here!

       Note* additional charge for thick canvas upgrade.

3. Is this a gift?

       I share my paintings on my social media art pages. Please let me know if this is a gift so I can hold your present a secret until you gift the art.

4. I will need your shipping address, email and phone number for FedEx as soon as possible.

       This allows me to collect your shipping quote quickly, and have all of your contact information saved.


I require a non-refundabe deposit of $75 within 7 days of your booking. Failure to pay deposit by the 7th day will remove your order from my books, so make sure to send it out quickly.

Remaining balance of your order plus the shipping quote I attain for you is due 8 weeks before I am scheduled to paint your pet portrait. Failure to send remaining balance will remove your order from my books. 


*Due to the nature of the oil paint I use, it takes me a while to paint a portrait plus drying time. I ask all my clients to have patience while I paint your magnificent pet portrait. 



I accept payments in the form of:

  • Venmo *pay to @juleesart 
  • Personal or Buisness Check
  • Cash in person, with receipt from my business records of funds received
  • PayPal (ONLY if funds are sent using the 'friends and family' option. I do NOT cover the fee if payments are sent through the 'goods and services' option. I will bill for the additional fee if this option is what you prefer.) Please send PayPal payments using my email juleesart@gmail.com

For a helpful reference, here is an example of a faux buisness transaction

from start-to-finish with me. 


Example: You reach out to me on January 1st, either Instagram ( @juleewillowart ) or Facebook

Captured Moments Artwork by Julee Willow ) or email ( juleesart@gmail.com ) or here on my website

( Contact Me )


You decide a large 16x20 flat canvas portrait of your dog is a great choice, and message me! Horray!

I let you know it is a $75 deductable, due within 7 days. 

I let you know I am booked out for about 8 months, so we have time to get all your favorite pictures in order of your pet!

After you send your $75 within the 7 days, I book you and we start discussing all the details!

I ask for your information for my records, ask if this is a gift, and if I can post any of the progress online. 
You give me your shipping address, email and phone number for FedEx- I will get your shipping quote for you quickly. Because this is a painting for yourself, you give permission for me to share progress pictures as I complete your order in 8 months when it is your booked placement.


I receive your deposit, and over the next several months, you send me all your best pictures of your pet. 

If your pet has already passed away, we both work together to find the most suited photos you had taken that look best as a potential painting. 

If your pet is still with you, I will personally guide you on the best tips and tricks for a great picture that is oil-painting-quality.


Your order was placed in January, and I am booked 8 months out, therefor I have you down to BEGIN the lovely oil painting in September. 

With all commissions, I ask the remaining balance to be paid in full 8 weeks before I am projected to begin- this places your final payment due in July. When July comes, you send the remaining balance &  shipping quote my way before July is over. Thank you!


Now, your done! Sit back and watch me begin your masterpiece in September!
Oil paintings take a long time to create, layer, dry, varnish, and finally ship. This is why they last the test of time.


I thank you in September and October for your loving patience while I work on your commission at my own pace. 

I am sadly not Amazon, so this takes longer than 48 hours (smile, wink!)


Once your painting is completed by October, with sufficient drying time, I varnish your treasure and ship the artwork straight to you! I will take a picture of the shipping receipt and give you tracking through FedEx. This allows you to watch your art travel home. 


Enjoy your art for DECADES to come!


But how do I take photos of my pet for a painting?!


This is my specialty! Here is a fast 'how-to' on where to start.

  • ALWAYS take pictures in natural lighting. Indoor lighting is a big no-no for a painting. Please take your pet outside for the best pictures. 
  • Is your pet indoor only? Take as many pictures as you can with them very close to a large window with NO indoor lights on. Natural light is the winner every time!
  • Never NEVER use flash. Don't do it! I know you want to... just say no to the flash!
  • Get down LOW! Only take photos for a possible painting commission on your pet's eye level. Never stand above them when taking their pictures for a painting. We want to see them in all their glory, so do some leg workouts and get low!
  • Bribe someone to help you keep your pet from laying down the whole time. Dont get me wrong, some photos of pets laying down are the best! But keep your options open- get lots of sitting, standing, and a few laying down pictures. 
  • Turn your phone on "hi-res" or "portrait" mode. This allows for the BEST clarity and focus.
  • Take collars off. Collars distract from their beautiful portrait, and are also incredibly difficult to paint.



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