Hello there!

I want to genuinely thank you for considering me to be your artist. 
Listed below are some helpful tidbits- this will ensure the prices of commissioning your pet portrait is seamless and fun!

Here is a fast breakdown of everything we will cover below, from the first "hello" to your art delivered-

- A list of the basic information I need to begin your order

-types of ways you can send your payment to me securely

-Example of how I bill, how long my wait list is, and how I go about collecting payments

-how to take photos of your pet for the best painting outcome

-Shipping your art and what to expect

-My booking schedule and patence for custom works of art.

-Framing your art before shipment

Here are the 4 things I must know:

1. What size would you like-

                         Need to peek at the sizes again, click here!

2. Flat Canvas or Thick Gallery-Wrapped Canvas-

                        *Need to look at flat canvas examples, click here!

                        *Need to look at Gallery-Wrapped Canvas Examples, Click here! ($35 additional)

3. Is this a gift- 

                       Let me know if your painting must be received by a certain date. I am booked out a ways in advance always but often i can accomidate your time frame or help you book your order for the closest holiday near your booking. 

4. required shipping address-

                 I require the shipping address for the portrait in the beginning process. This way, I can acquire your FedEx shipping quote before the remaining balance is due (8 weeks before I paint your Pet). I do not cover shipping, however i ensure your painting for the entire price you pay.


After these 4 simple things are covered, we can dive into your photos, any in-depth questions you have, and become friends along the way!

Paying Deposit and Remaining Balance-


I require a non-refundable $75 deposit for all traditional sized portraits ($150 oversized portraits) 


*I must receive your deposit within 1 day of request to be placed on my books. If paying by check, 7 days.

Assurance of your place is only guaranteed with your deposit. 

*Remaining balance of your portrait plus your acquired FedEx shipping quote is due 8 weeks before I begin your portrait.

*Failure to send funds results in your place being removed from my books.


Accepting Payment:



I accept payments in the form of PayPal, Money Orders, or Personal Checks.


PayPal Options-

If you are new to PayPal, it is incredibly simple to make an account with your debit card, it is secure and fast.

Here is the link to make a PayPal Accouont!


You need to send payment using my email address as the receiver of funds- my email is juleesart@gmail.com


Please Send your payment using the "Friends and Family" option as you begin.

If you prefer to send a payment through PayPal using the "Goods and Services" option, that is fine! I just ask that you cover the fee that PayPal charges. I do not cover the fee PayPal adds. 


In Canada, or abroad-

Due to transfer rates and higher shipping costs of shipping abroad, please message me so we can figure out if a portrait from me will work for you. 


sending payments using Venmo, please use my account name @juleesart 

this is a fast and secure way to send and receive payments for art.


Check/Money Order:

Please mail your check or money order in the correct transfered currency to my buisness mailbox within 1 day of placing your order.


Julee Willow

255 Blue Lakes Blvd. N. #641

Twin Falls, Idaho 83301


Please notify me when you mail your payment- I can make sure to drive down and check my box asap! 



Many of my amazing clients ask for an example of payments received, deposits needed, remaining balance due &shipping costs

I have this faux example so you can see it all, streamlined!


You contact me April 1st, and commission a Portrait of one pet  for a total of (example)$475. 

I am booked until August, we agree thats perfect for you!

I ask that I receive your  payment in full by April 2nd  (1 day after order is placed, I must receive your payment to keep your spot, or if paying via check, 7 days)

I receive your payment of $475 by April 2nd and your place is secured on my books! Woohoo!

I ask for your shipping address. Let's Say you live in California, and attain your shipping quote of $55.40 that needs to be paid 8 weeks before I start your commission. 


Now we are clear for me to review all your photos of your pet! I ask you to send me all the photos you have as soon s as possible! I will only review your photos if you have paid.

If your pet is still alive, I will start asking you now to go outside and take some photos!


8 weeks before I paint your pet, I will reach out. Ill request the shipping quote be paid, as well as remaining balance.


I try and make the process as seamless as possible for you!



I ask for AS MANY pictures of your pet as possible. Please email all the pictures you can find to juleesart@gmail.com anytime! 

We can work together to find the BEST picture to be painted. I want to give you the most for your money.


Helpful Photo Tips-

Do you need some tips on how to take the BEST picture of your pet? Click here for a fun newsletter I wrote on taking the best pictures of your pet if they are still alive.

Photo Deadlines: photos and final photo decision must be made seven (7) days before I begin your art. Failure to supply photos in a timely manner will void your place on my books. If you have paid in full, and do not supply photos, you will be moved to my next available opening.



I ship all my paintings through The Mail Room in Twin Falls Idaho. Click here for their website and official info.

The Mail Room custom-packages your art.

I fully insure your paintings for what you paid, therefore if anything happens in transit, you are covered against stolen, lost, or damaged goods if FedEx approves the claim.

Disclosure: If your artwork does not arrive in the condition in which it was delivered to FedEx for shipment, your painting has been fully insured, and it is your responsibility to file the claim. If reimbursement is needed, FedEx will pay you back once your claim is approved. If you choose to rehire me, I can replace you on my books at my next available opening for a new portrait.




I do my best to complete each and every painting in a timely manner, this process takes a month to do once it is your turn.

You have my 100% promise that I will go above and beyond your expectations for your art.

I quote all my clients the month your painting is to be done on my books. Sometimes, orders that come before yours take more or less time than projected. Due to my custom craft, I ask that you have a bit of patience as I work through my busy schedule. I paint on average 100 pet portraits per year.

If you need your portrait done by a specific date for a gift, I need to know in the beginning of order placement.



I offer my services for framing your art at only a $20 charge, plus the cost of your frame you choose. 
If you live in a location that has minimal framing choices, or you don't have time to frame your art- consider me helping you! 
A high number of my clients ask me to frame their art, which saves them time and money. I find your frame and buy it 40% off (or more). We can easily and smoothly discuss framing choices beforehand. 

Let me know if this is something I can help you with!

I wholeheartedly want to thank you for hiring me to be YOUR ARTIST. I take your order very seriously, I appreciate your time, and I want to deliver you the very best portrait money can buy.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call, text, email, website message, or message me on my fanpage.





I am ALWAYS here for you!

Warmest regards,

Julee Willow


DISCLAIMER: By reading this document, commissioning client agrees to the terms and conditions of ordering a custom painting. Failure to follow the guidelines of a pet portrait and services/money requirements voids any deposit or payments received. 



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